10/31/10: Off to see the Wizard!

Halloween has always been a favorite Holiday of mine; I have always enjoyed deciding what to be each year, and then finding the perfect costume to wear. Although between the ages of 10 and 14 I was happy to dress up as a witch every year, when I was super young my Mom always had creative costumes for me to wear.  I remember my Mom once made my own ruby red slippers to go with my Dorothy costume. She covered a pair of shoes in glue and red glitter; they were so great. This year, I will be Dorothy, and from a pair of old pink leather shoes I do not wear anymore, I made my own Ruby Red Slippers.


3 responses to “10/31/10: Off to see the Wizard!

  1. Again, I love the shoes! They look very professional!

  2. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me how you did it! I need to make my own for my wedding coming up! PLEASE! marryme0827@hotmail.com

  3. Amanda, I have a jewelry client in Indianapolis who would like to use your dramatic profile photo of the ruby slippers on an event invitation with a Wizard of Oz theme. Would you please contact me immediately with your contact information and let me know if you would be open to them using your photography on their invitation?
    Thank you, Mike F.

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