Fall Footwear

Just a quick fashion related post –

I love fall for multiple reasons: crisp temperatures, cozy clothes for lounging at home, Halloween, beautifully colored leaves, My Birthday, Thanksgiving, sweaters and layers and of course finding new boots.

This year I was not sure what type of boot I wanted for myself, I thought I wanted a tan pair of “riding boots” but on my legs, I didn’t like how they were too wide around my calf, they just didn’t look right. I already have a pair of black suede knee-hight flat boots so for now, I am using these – although I feel I really do need a brown boot in my wardrobe. I also decided I needed a good “fall” shoe that I could wear with my work pieces during the week and still pair with my more casual clothes for the weekends. I loved these from Marc by Marc Jacobs, but thought they were quite pricey for my budget.

Selling for $295.00 at The Tannery.

I liked the look of this Mary Jane “wedge” because I knew they would look great with either pants or skirts/dresses, and above all, they are comfortable! Everyone knows how much more comfortable wedges are compared to regular pumps. While looking in Macy’s last week, I saw these gorgeous suede Mary Jane wedges by Ellen Tracy,

How similar do they look to the Marc by Marc Jacobs style? I ended up getting these Ellen Tracy wedges in tan for a mere $67:-) I thought the tan would look perfect when worn with the different colored corduroy pants I own. These shoes even look great with black skinny jeans:-)


One response to “Fall Footwear

  1. cute shoes! such cute style 🙂 i want to see pics of these shows in action…and are these considered boots like you said you needed in your wardrobe? 😉

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