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Goodbye Sun, Hello Weekend!

Finally the weekend is here:)) Unfortunately, a rainy weekend is forecasted for Boston, MA.

Mt. Vernon. At the end of this street is a restaurant called “Mont Vernon Restaurant”, they opened in 1935 and are famous for their “Twin Lobsters Special”

I see this house every morning while waiting for the “T” (aka Subway) on my way to work, it has been “For Sale” for over a year.

A “Dead End” street sign at the end of a dead end street!


It’s All in The Shadows

Rabbit, Rabbit! (It is GoodLuck to say this to yourself on the first of each month)
Happy February 1st!!

This post is all about the shadows in each of the pictures –

I like this one a lot; how you see the shadows of the nails –

Walking the Harbor Walk

Captured Snow –

Waiting for warmer days –

Pine Needles up close somewhat resembling a Porcupine –

Abandoned Factory with the Bunker Hill Monument to the side-

I wonder what this place looks like inside –

What is behind Door #1?

An Ice Cold Saturday

It was so cold outside today but that didn’t stop me from going out and taking pictures.

Artful Alley –

Anyone want to go ice-skating here?

A Snow Filled Weekend

Three Feathers –

There’s something about shipyards…that I really like –

Sunny Day After The Rain & Snow

While waiting for the subway – Early Morning –

Post Office Square –

Windy Day –

Industrial Look: there’s something so cold about industrial landscapes that I love.

A dock on the Mystic river –

Some Charlestown History –