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Every Friday Just about Midnight            All my Problems seem to disappear

“Friends” – Band of Skulls


Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Lately, Boston has been having great weather, high 70’s/low 80’s and sunny. The weather looks perfect for this (long) weekend. Today my work is closing early, at 2:30, I can’t wait to get my weekend started; kicking off the summer.

This summer I look forward to spending lots of time on our front porch, as its our first summer having access to a porch. I’ve already done some decorating with these flowers that I planted;

Currently we have some red and blue folding chairs on the porch, but I would love to have this hand-made unique swing out there! I entered to win it via the Free People Blog website. I hope I win!!

 (swing photo from:

I was at my parents and had to take some pictures around their yard. ..

Keeping a look-out on the garden-

10/31/10: Off to see the Wizard!

Halloween has always been a favorite Holiday of mine; I have always enjoyed deciding what to be each year, and then finding the perfect costume to wear. Although between the ages of 10 and 14 I was happy to dress up as a witch every year, when I was super young my Mom always had creative costumes for me to wear.  I remember my Mom once made my own ruby red slippers to go with my Dorothy costume. She covered a pair of shoes in glue and red glitter; they were so great. This year, I will be Dorothy, and from a pair of old pink leather shoes I do not wear anymore, I made my own Ruby Red Slippers.


I love our wedding photographer, she’s awesome, check out her site:

This weekend my fiance and I had our Engagement photo session. I was a bit nervous because I’ve never had my pictures professionally taken; I didn’t know if I would feel too shy and in the end look awkward. Our photographer, Karen, was super nice and made us feel so comfortable, it was a great day! I was giggling a lot but thats not a bad thing:-)

I wish I could better juggle wedding planning with my love for photography but I tried and I did not do very well.

All photos in this post were taken by Karen of Blush Photo.