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Every Friday Just about Midnight            All my Problems seem to disappear

“Friends” – Band of Skulls


Rain, Rain, Rain

Boston has had so much rain all week. The nice thing is that we now have colors you would expect to see in a rainforest.

Austin, TX

This weekend I visited Austin, Texas. It was my first trip to the midwest and I did not know what to expect. I had a great time, Austin is such a cool city with a unique character, live music, good food, friendly people. The weather was gorgeous too! I look forward to going back, someday.


Walking to the bus stop in the morning

Lunch Break


Over the weekend, one of my best friend’s from college visited me. On Friday I took the day off from work and we walked around Downtown, spent most of our time on Newbury Street.


I love our wedding photographer, she’s awesome, check out her site:

This weekend my fiance and I had our Engagement photo session. I was a bit nervous because I’ve never had my pictures professionally taken; I didn’t know if I would feel too shy and in the end look awkward. Our photographer, Karen, was super nice and made us feel so comfortable, it was a great day! I was giggling a lot but thats not a bad thing:-)

I wish I could better juggle wedding planning with my love for photography but I tried and I did not do very well.

All photos in this post were taken by Karen of Blush Photo.

Absorbing the Light – Part 1

When I was out taking pictures it was raining on and off the entire afternoon.

The rain wasn’t too heavy though, and when the sun came out everything looked so fresh.

Right After the Rain –

A Moment Before the Rain

Goodbye Sun, Hello Weekend!

Finally the weekend is here:)) Unfortunately, a rainy weekend is forecasted for Boston, MA.

Mt. Vernon. At the end of this street is a restaurant called “Mont Vernon Restaurant”, they opened in 1935 and are famous for their “Twin Lobsters Special”

I see this house every morning while waiting for the “T” (aka Subway) on my way to work, it has been “For Sale” for over a year.

A “Dead End” street sign at the end of a dead end street!


Happy Wednesday! Wednesdays are always good because you are half-way through the work week:)

Can you estimate what time of day it was when this photograph was taken?

Making trash look good

Easter Sunday

I know it has been too long since I have last posted. I hope everyone is enjoying their Easter Sunday:-)

Favorite kind of car in my favorite kind of scene –

Back roads around Charlestown

Although most places besides coffee shops were closed today; it was nice to walk around and see the signs of Spring! (Yes, it is still cold here!)

Wispy Fence-

Which do you think looks better? In color or in black and white? I couldn’t decide.

Tree trunks from this perspective really are so much better:)