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Wild Storms

Yesterday morning it was warm and sunny, but by late afternoon, it was dark, cloudy and severe weather warnings were issued throughout Massachusetts. These warnings consisted of: Flash Flood Warning, Severe Thunder Storm Warning and a Tornado Watch Warning (!!) Thankfully, there were no tornadoes in the Boston area, but we did have some crazy thunderstorms with heavy rain. Although we do frequently have thunderstorms in the summer, I have never seen so many lightning strikes in such a short period of time. 

In Watertown, MA (a town outside Boston), between 6:00-7:30pm, we saw lots of cumulonimbus mamma clouds.

After 7:30 it almost looked like it was clearing up, but by 8:00 you could see the dark storm clouds rolling in. The rain started by 9:00 and the thunder and lightning was insane. With my phone I captured a video and was able to pull a freeze frame from it,

By 10:00pm, all was clear!



Walking to the bus stop in the morning

Lunch Break


Over the weekend, one of my best friend’s from college visited me. On Friday I took the day off from work and we walked around Downtown, spent most of our time on Newbury Street.

Fall Colors

The days are getting shorter; when I get home from work  now it gets dark so soon. This weekend the clocks change, but then soon enough it will be dark by 4:30. Across the street from my apartment are two small parks, one for kids which has a playground and the other for people to let their dogs run around.

Harbor Walk – Pleasure Island

Out for a walk on a hot summer day –
South Boston, Pleasure Island –

Bostonia –

Crashing Waves –

Ms. Lady Bug –

Got Mussels?

A day in the life, of a fisherman –